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Laser Treatment

Nita Patel, MD -  - Dermatologist

Advance Dermatology & Laser Medical Center, Inc

Nita Patel, MD

Dermatologist located in Marina Del Rey, CA

Dr. Nita Patel uses the most advanced laser systems to help patients from Los Angeles, California area can achieve the desired results. Appointments are available at her office at Advance Dermatology & Laser Medical Center in Marina del Rey.

Laser Treatment Q & A

Cosmetic Laser Treatment Marina Del Rey

Dr. Nita Patel uses the most advanced laser systems so men and women from Marina del Rey, CA area can achieve the most effective results in body contouring, collagen rejuvenation, treatment of facial veins, sun/age spots, and hair and tattoo removal. A specialized laser is used to treat a specific target. Lasers can bypass other structures of the skin and minimized any side effects and perform the treatment safely.

How do lasers work?

Lasers use light energy to selectively treat a targetted area. The benefit of a laser treatment is that it can treat a specific problem without affecting any other structure in the skin. Dr. Patel has various lasers that can be used for body contouring (melting fat), sun damage collagen rejuvenation, facial vessels, age/sun spots, acne scarring, stretch marks, tattoo removal, and hair reduction. The lasers that Dr. Patel has are safe to use with darker skin types and have minimal down time.

What is a laser treatment like?

Lasers use small beams of light to penetrate the skin. Most people feel a “rubber band” snap sensation or tiny pinpricks depending on the laser being used. Most laser treatments are well tolerated. In some cases, a topical anesthetic can be used to diminish any discomfort. Dr. Patel uses a chiller with certain procedures to protect the surface of the skin, especially for darker skin types and to minimized discomfort. The Sculpture laser has a special chilling feature that cycles with the heating of the fat to minimize any discomfort.  

Which is the best laser to use?

Dr. Patel offers a free cosmetic consultation to discuss which is the best approach for the area you are interested in improving. She will explain any treatment options that are appropriate and how they could work to improve your area of concern. Dr. Patel staff will provide pricing and estimates of the procedures. All cosmetic work is performed by Dr. Patel.

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