Laser Vascular Treatment (KTP) in Marina Del Rey, CA

Vascular Imperfections

Vascular imperfections are a common complaint of our patients. Whether these unsightly blemishes have been acquired over time or present at birth, the Aurora KTP Laser offers an effective, low-risk treatment option. Treatments are performed by Dr. Patel in our office and require no downtime. Please consult with Dr. Patel to determine whether this treatment may be right for you.

The Aurora KTP Laser works by gently collapsing and shrinking blood vessels without causing rupture or hemorrhage.

What To Expect

The Aurora KTP Laser works by emitting powerful pulses of light which are absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood. When this light energy is absorbed, it is converted into heat. This heat coagulates the blood, causing the vessels to shrink and collapse. During the healing process, the vessels fade or reduce in size.

During treatment, many patients liken the sensation of the laser pulses to a rubber band being snapped against the skin.

Following the treatment, you will notice a darkening of the treated area similar to a bruise. This is normal and is called purpura. It is an indication that the laser energy was properly adjusted for effective removal of the veins. Clearing of this purpuric response will begin in 48 hours, and is usually complete within two weeks. It may take up to two months for the body to heal and the vessels to fade.

Spider Veins On The Legs

Spider veins on the legs are treated using the laser alone or in combination with sclerotherapy. A laser is ideal for finer vessels up to 2mm in size. Spider veins effectively shrink vessels, but many require more than one treatment. Sclerotherapy is used for larger, medium-sized vessels. In some cases, the combination of both techniques will give the best results.

Facial Veins (Telangiectasias)

Often appear due to sun exposure or age on the cheeks, nose, chin, or legs. These unsightly red veins can be effectively treated with the Aurora KTP Laser. Facial telangiectasias require as little as one or two treatments.

Telangiectasias, Angiomas, and Other Vascular Lesions

The Aurora KTP or regen like Vascular Laser can effectively fade or clear benign vascular lesions. In approximately 25% of patients, laser therapy will completely clear the lesion while 70% will result in dramatic improvement. Most lesions respond with one treatment, but additional treatments may be necessary depending on the size and location of the vascular lesion, as well as other variables.

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