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Healthy Aging Month: Preventing and Treating Shingles

More than 1 million people across the United States experience shingles every year in the United States. This common condition can be incredibly debilitating as it causes painful, itchy blisters lasting up to four weeks. If you are currently experiencing a shingles outbreak, it is essential to get care right away.

Diagnosing Shingles

If you have a rash that you suspect to be shingles, you should get it diagnosed to ensure you are able to start a treatment regimen. After going in for an examination, a fluid sample may be taken from any present blisters. The samples will be tested to confirm that diagnosis. Treatment should begin immediately after the diagnosis is made.

Treatment for Shingles

Treatments for shingles typically involve the use of antiviral medications and analgesics. Using both types of drugs together can help provide the best relief for symptoms and shorten the amount of time that the illness and symptoms last. It can also reduce the severity of your symptoms, making the outbreak a little more comfortable for you to deal with.

Tips for Preventing Shingles

If you have experienced chicken pox during your life, the shingles virus is already inside your body. A weakened immune system can trigger an outbreak, placing individuals who have cancer, HIV, or other health conditions at risk. There is also a chance that you could contract the virus as it is extremely contagious. Although individuals over 50 have a higher risk of experiencing shingles, it can happen to anyone at any age, even children.

One of the best things you can do to protect yourself and prevent a possible shingles infection is to get vaccinated against the virus. The Shingrix vaccine is typically administered in a series of two doses and can provide protection for at least ten years.

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Dr. Nita Patel offers treatment options for individuals in Marina Del Ray, CA, with shingles. Dr. Patel is a Board-Certified Dermatologist with extensive experience helping patients overcome various dermatological problems. She is available to meet with you for an appointment to discuss the best shingles treatment option for you. Contact Dr. Patel today at 310-577-7544 or request an appointment online.

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