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Non-Surgical Treatments


Non-Surgical Treatment Option:



Image-Guided Superficial Radiation Therapy (IG-SRT)

Image Guided Superficial Radiation Therapy is a safe, painless, and highly effective alternative to surgical treatment of skin cancer. IG-SRT successfully treats Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers such as Squamous Cell Carcinoma as well as Basal Cell Carcinoma with a 99% cure rate.


IG-SRT is not like radiation used to treat other cancer diagnoses. IG-SRT is a non-surgical treatment that uses a low level of x-ray energy to kill non-melanoma skin cancer cells and then allows the regeneration of healthy tissue to grow back in its place. Superficial Radiation Therapy delivers an exact, customized, calibrated dose of radiation that only goes about 5mm below your skin’s surface, which is approximately the thickness of your skin. An ultrasound is completed during treatments to measure the lesion size and is utilized to track the progress of your treatment. IG-SRT has completed over 20-25 short painless treatments that are completed in our office, performed by a Radiation Therapist. At the initial consultation with our radiation therapist, you will have the opportunity to express any areas of concern and ask questions. The area will have an ultrasound completed to identify the size and depth of the skin cancer. Then, the treatment area will be marked. Once you are in a comfortable position, a lead shield will be strategically placed over you to protect you from any radiation. Next, the machine will be placed over the treatment area, your IG-SRT is now set up for your successful treatment! Once the consultation is completed, we will reach out to you to schedule your 20-25 treatments. You can expect each treatment appointment to be about 15 minutes.

If you have recently been diagnosed with skin cancer or you have an area of concern and would like to learn about skin cancer treatment options including IG-SRT, contact Advance Dermatology & Laser Medical Center in Marina Del Rey, CA for a consultation with Dr. Nita Patel.


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